Experience the beauty of Canada's wild north on the culinary adventure of a lifetime

  • June 15 - 23, 2018
  • 8 Nights
  • Join Us in Our Private Chartered Aircraft
  • Round Trip from Vancouver
  • Signature Meals with Iconic Canadian Chefs

Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Many often dream of experiencing Canada’s North, yet few have ventured far enough to discover the beauty and way of living that is strikingly different from the rest of the country. This is your opportunity to explore this part of Canada in its raw and wild form. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to be immersed in a landscape and culture which is largely unknown.

Edible Canada’s founder and President, Eric Pateman, will once again be hosting a small number of guests to experience and taste northern ingredients and flavours in a series of signature tasting events throughout the trip. These iconic signature dinners truly showcase the best of each region by working directly with local chefs, producers, and communities.

Join us as we cross the country and experience a different pace of life, all under the midnight sun.

Reserve your space for our 2018 adventure by contacting us as we are already starting to fill up.  To hold your spot, please contact us at acrossthetop@ediblecanada.com and we will take your booking info.

Payment and Itinerary Details are in the works! These proposed stops are subject to change. Express your interest in the trip by contacting us.

Contact acrossthetop@ediblecanada.com to Reserve Your Spot for 2018

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  • If you would like to make a booking, please contact Melissa at acrossthetop@ediblecanada.com

2017 Adventure

The Flight Across the Top of Canada took 60 guests on a chartered Air North 737 jet across northern Canada from June 16th- June 23rd, 2017. It was a unique culinary adventure like nothing done before it. Six stunning northern locations. Four iconic northern dinners prepared and hosted by ten iconic Canadian culinary superstars. Countless Canadian partners & suppliers offered the best wine, beer, spirits, foraged & farmed products and maple syrup which Canada has to offer. Local community leaders and artists welcomed us at each stop. This was the adventure of a lifetime, and culinary tourism at its finest.

Read our 2017 Travel Diaries

Contact acrossthetop@ediblecanada.com to Reserve Your Spot for 2018


What some of our past clients have to say about our northern edible adventures:

Without this very well planned trip and opportunity to attend as many places as we did in 8 days, I do not believe that many of the people on our trip would have gone to most of the places on their own. This gave everyone a chance to see our beautiful country, see many lifestyles, enjoy new opportunities and the ability to meet a lot of new people. You have opened our palates to many new tastes and sights that many have never dreamed of. You gave us the opportunity to experience a new way of life in new areas of Canada and the opportunity to meet many new and exciting people. The meals were out of this world, the chefs went above and beyond as did every staff member involved. Thank you for what was truly a trip of a lifetime. We were honoured to part of the inaugural trip.

Lori and Norman McQuaid

I am so proud to be Canadian. Being a part of this journey, ‘Across the Top’, reminded me why this is so. I am grateful to Edible Canada & Finisterra Travel for the fabulous experience. These inaugural guests on our Across the Top tour embody that Canadian spirit of humble gratefulness and passion to discover more of who we are as a nation, as I do. The Chefs through their brilliance & talent captured all things significant to this identity and allowed us to understand more profoundly our fellow Canadians to the north, through their food. The landscape of our northern compatriots is somewhat foreign, breathtakingly beautiful and often unforgiving, highlighting the tenacity of the people. In our visits to their communities, we experienced their pride of place, despite its limitations and remoteness. And finally, I witnessed a generosity of spirit, that which is in all of us, as Canadians. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so awe-inspiring and meaningful.

Deborah Boren

Thank you, Edible Canada, for opening the north to me in this unique and spectacular manner. As a proud – and relatively new – Canadian, my first venture into the north has been profound and very enjoyable. This was truly an experience I’ll never forget.

Uwe Stueckmann

Rick and I have spent the last couple of days endlessly going through the quite stunning photos of our trip. We have discussed each adventure; the people, the whiskey, the wonderful Yukon hospitality and of course, the delicious food we enjoyed so much. Of course there has been much discussion about just how we managed to pack so very much! Our trip turned out to be singular in it’s beautiful setting, it’s keen sense of play and nally in it’s sense of true authenticity. We both felt we met real people in a real and compelling place.

Laura Irwin

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