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In Canada, the sun rises first on Newfoundland and Labrador, giving St. John’s its very own time zone.The closest province to Europe, and home to the oldest street in North America, St. John’s has been welcoming adventurers from all corners of the world for over 500 years. The dramatic coastline offers both beautiful vistas and a bountiful ocean, making St. John’s famous for its seafood. Visitors can just as easily enjoy the urban delight of a craft brewery tour as spend a day out on the bay having close encounters with humpback whales, puffins, or icebergs.The local vernacular is as colourful as the bright houses lining sloping streets, and the residents are the most welcoming people we have ever met. Home to some of Canada’s best restaurants, this stop will be sure to celebrate the strong culinary traditions of the Maritimes.

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